JJ’s Story © Moonbeam Angoras 2012 - 2013 International Association German Angora Breeders The American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. J.J. J.J. JJ was adopted from an animal shelter.  I learned there was a white “ long haired rabbit “ that had been at the shelter for a few days. Her long angora-like wool was matted to the skin and her white color was stained yellow with urine and feces.  She had urine scald from sitting in her own urine and her toenails were very long and curled.  She seemed so frightened as her cage was sitting on the floor very close and in full view of the barking dogs in the kennel.   I took JJ home and had to shave all her wool off because she had sores on her skin caused by the mats. I don’t know JJ’s background or what type of rabbit she ireally is but she looks like an angora or perhaps an angora cross. She is small and weighs only 6 lbs.  She has beautiful tassels on her ears and sometimes looks a bit serious but looks can be decieving as she turned out to be a very sweet, friendly and happy rabbit. These photos were taken 3 months later after her wool grew back nice and healthy.  She has been spayed and has a forever home with us.  JJ lives in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in our home and has turned into quite the lap rabbit.  She sits quietly while we watch TV together and loves to be petted, nudging my hand gently when I stop as if to say ‘please don’t stop yet’ and so of course I obey her wishes.  JJ is a reminder that rabbits are not for everyone, especially angoras who require extra time for the care and maintenance of their long wool coat.  They also need frequent handling and attention so they can learn to enjoy being groomed and the experience is not stressful for either of you.